Garage Door Spring Repair – Cables & Torsion Spring Replacement

Why are garage door spring repair services important? In short, they allow door movement and prevent accidents. So there are two things to consider when it comes to spring systems. The first has to do with their usefulness. The second has to do with your safety. Why are springs so necessary? And why can they be extremely dangerous?

The necessity of the garage door spring system

Extension spring coils contract and stretch. Torsion spring coils stretch around the shaft to wind and unwind. So both spring types have coils, which are flexible to do such movement and store force. When you want to open the door, the springs use this force in order to pull against the cable system and lift the overhead door. Otherwise, the door won’t open. And that’s because it is very heavy. So for springs to have the necessary power to lift such a weight, they must have equivalent force which brings us to the conclusion that not all springs are the same. But all springs are necessary. And any garage door spring repair is also crucial because it ensures that springs keep their flexibility and have enough tension.

What makes torsion and extension springs dangerous?

It’s their tension. If you consider that an average garage door weighs a few hundred pounds, you can easily estimate the power of springs. So if you suddenly release this energy, it will hit you back. So how can that happen?



  • When you engage in garage door spring repairtasks alone. Whether you try to adjust or replace springs, you are tampering with their power. And since you need a ladder in order to do any spring repair work, you might fall off. Since you are facing springs, they will hit you straight in the face. But even if you are standing on the floor, the spring might still snap on you. And this brings us to another similar problem.
  • If you are standing in the garage waiting for the door to open and springs break, they will most likely hit you. This happens when springs are in bad shape or their lifespan is over. At this point they will snap. And that’s why early garage door spring replacementis necessary.
  • But spring tension will also snap if you tamper with the bottom brackets or try to do any garage door cable repair. Cables connect with the springs and attach to the bottom fixture. So if you engage in any such task, chances are that you will accidentally release spring energy.

Another problem with the springs which can lead to accidents relates to their condition. If for any reason (lack of lubrication, old age, a strong wind etc.) the spring breaks while the overhead door is open, the door will collapse. The reverse mechanism is not able to hold the door’s weight alone. No part can hold and control the door’s weight but the springs. And so if they break and someone is standing under the door, it will be a nightmare.

Regular garage door spring repair can spare you from any trouble

Springs can cause tragedies and will keep the door from opening. But they won’t cause any problem if you don’t interfere with their force and maintain them regularly. That’s why the best solution for the avoidance of all such issues is garage door spring repair and early replacement. With frequent adjustments, lubrication, and replacement, they will only serve your needs without troubling you. For your safety and convenience, Bee Garage Door & Gate Services offers 24/7 spring repair services. Call us whenever you need our help.