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Bee Garage Door & Gate Services

It seems like ages since the construction of the first garage door. Nowadays, these special doors don’t simply look different. They are different in terms of their construction, design, style, type, and size. In fact, there are more options anyone would think of. And that’s vital because today each property needs are different. There is a higher need to protect properties along with people. And so choosing the perfect door for your own house or business in Hawthorne CA is only a fraction of what you need to meet your expectations. You also need expert garage door installation and repair services.

Our garage door repair team is here for you

It’s not difficult to imagine what can go wrong with the overhead door at your house or the rolling door at your business. From natural wear to corrosion and accidents, anything can happen to your garage doors or gates. This is why Bee Garage Door & Gate Services proudly services both systems. We make all the necessary adjustments and repairs to ensure functionality, and we install any new residential or commercial door and their operators with accuracy.

Basic garage door features before selecting new ones

When it comes to electric garage and gate systems, everything matters. And so our team stands by 24/7 to cover garage door repair needs. But we are also here to offer a helping hand when you want new garage doors. What do you have to consider before buying new doors?

  • Size and type: These are both vital features. The type of door indicates how it opens. The size depends on garage door installation location and property requirements. At commercial properties, for example, there is often need for large doors in regard to both their height and width. Most home doors are of the average size of 7 feet. But whether you choose an overhead, carriage, rollup or up and over door will make a tremendous difference to its performance. You must have the space for it to open with ease.
  • Materials: Wood, steel, aluminum, and glass are the most common materials for the construction of residential garage doors. There are more choices in compare to their commercial counterparts, which usually stick to metal options, since aesthetics play a great role at homes.
  • Insulation: Today, there are many thermal doors to enhance energy efficiency indoors. They make a great difference to the energy cost since they affect the temperatures in the entire house. But thermal doors are also popular in commercial applications. Some businesses must have specific temperatures indoors to protect their products and such doors help. And there are many variations in terms of thermal doors in terms of their r-value and whether they utilize polystyrene or polyurethane foam.
  • Spring system: Springs differ in accordance to door type and weight. There are home and commercial sectional and one-piece door extension springs. Commercial doors often utilize many torsion springs since they are very heavy. It requires great attention when choosing springs because they are the ones which open the door. And for this reason regular spring repair is also necessary.

Opener options: When it comes to openers, you have multiple choices in terms of brand, drive type, motor type, and clickers. But whatever you choose, you must make sure the motor is strong enough for the door and the opener meets all safety standards. And since openers must provide protection, call us for any opener repair need.

From gate repair to garage door service, you can count on us!

Gate openers are also important for your safety. And that’s why our company provides same day electric gate repair. Whether it’s time to maintain the gate or select a new garage door, ask our help. These systems are expensive and must meet your requirements. They must provide security but also operate with safety. And there is also much more to consider other than the above features. Whether to get doors with windows or invest in wind load ones, there is always confusion about which door is best for each property. Let us at Bee Garage Door & Gate Services make it easy for you. We don’t only offer options but also solutions. We install and service all garage and gate systems and will be happy to cover your local garage door repair and gate service needs.